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What is psychological astrology?

The map of the heavens in the moment of birth (or any event or new beginning) is considered a reflection of that person's inner being - it is a picture of the soul where the planets act as symbols. Psychological astrology can therefore be utilised as a magnificent tool to shed light on any personal, career, family or relationship matter. As such, it offers quick, highly individual advice and helps finding dynamic solutions to acute questions and problems on the emotional, mental or material level. It is important to understand, however, that only that which is "in the original plan" (= the natal chart) can be manifested in the native's life. Think of a simple example: An apple tree will only ever grow apples. You can't expect the apple tree to grow cherries, no matter how much you wish for it, or if you scream and shout at the tree, as it is not in its nature. Similarly, we have a free will but we may unfold only what is part of our unique potential, which is reflected in the natal chart.
Being confronted with a plethora of demands and expectations in modern society often makes us feel limited in terms of being just ourselves - in tune with our true nature and regardless of what others may consider right for us. Astrology as a way to self-discovery shows us our individual path and what we should pursue in our best interest. If we just follow our own soul plan we will find happiness and fulfilment!


How does astrology "work"?

In short, the astrological chart, through showing the combination and interaction of the cosmic forces at any given moment, reveals the quality of time which is changing permanently, Any event, be it the founding of a new business, a first encounter between two future lovers, a tsunami or the birth of a child, may only come to pass when the quality of time – as it is mirrored by the planetary constellations - perfectly aligns with the energetic formula which is inherent to the event in question (= principle of analogy).
In the case of a child's birth, this means the evolutional pattern and tasks as well as the mission of the soul that is coming into the world. Our individual birth chart is our vibrational signature: it's as unique as a fingerprint. An astrological chart can be casted for every new beginning - it contains all the potentials and characteristics of the new "life" and is based on three important factors: the date, the place and the exact time.