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The monthly outlook - What are the core themes for April 2018?

Mercury is still retrograde in Aries until the 15th April - a good phase to tend to things that have been procrastinated for a while. Take the time to meticulously sort out your paperwork and stuff that has piled up over weeks and been left unfinished. Better think twice before you promise something and make sure you read the small print in a contract. Good and careful planning is key also when you travel, in traffic etc. Then in the second half of the month when Mercury turns direct once again, you can focus your mind on any new projects on the horizon.

Apart from the last few days of the month, Venus moves through her own sign, sensual and pleasure-oriented Taurus. This will emphasize the importance of our values, and we would do well to make an effort to appreciate and enjoy material or physical assets and possessions. Physical wellbeing is surely a highlight in April, with its importance being emphasised by Venus’ aspects to Mars, Pluto and Jupiter around the middle of the month. Strong desires, passions and affections are now coming to the forefront, but around the 5th, they should always be approached with a good dose of seriousness - We know Saturn loves all things in moderation!

This month’s new moon takes place on the 16th and it squares Pluto, indicating a potential for enormous drive, ambition, and unwavering focus on goals. The sun’s shift into Taurus on the 20th marks the beginning of a more earthy, materialistic period and an all in all calmer mood, especially when it lines up with Saturn on the 29th: Successful conclusions of important tasks, matters and undertakings that have been thoroughly prepared and carried out are within reach.

For anyone that’s very ambitious or eager for a career move, your time’s coming: Around the 26th, Mars joins up with Pluto in Capricorn to form a powerful combo with Jupiter in the mix, too. It’s a highly encouraging concentration of ”moving ahead with purpose and confidence” energy, topped off with enthusiasm, optimism, and a sense for the right action at the right time and place. It rarely gets more determined than that, does it? Still, get yourself into a calm and collected mood first: We’re talking Capricorn and Scorpio here, plus the sun’s now in Taurus!