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If you are a young adult fresh from school (or looking to leave school soon) and about to start out in the vocational world, it is by no means easy to make the best career choice according to your own nature and to find your individual path. Often family and friends mean well by giving advice, however they are mostly drawing from their own experience and looking at the whole picture from their point of view. Some may put emphasis on doing something "serious and normal" because of their strong need for stability and their belief that only those kinds of jobs will provide you with a secure income.

So maybe others around you are focusing on pursuing an occupation primaily because it is extremely well paid or highly regarded, as opposed to one that would fully resonate with your individual self, your natural talents and inclinations. I know from experience that following the advice of an overprotective father who has only ever known one way in life is not a beneficial thing to do, so it is your responsibility to take charge and set out in search of your own path and overcome all those self-limiting beliefs (or advice!). Or perhaps you already have certain ideas but are not entirely convinced it is the right thing for you and are looking for reassurance?

However specific and thought through your career plans and wishes may be at this moment, in an astrological consultation based on your personal natal chart we will pinpoint all the factors that play a role with regard to your individual career in accordance with your life path, your potentials, talents, strengths and goals which we will talk about in detail.
This form of guidance will:
- enhance your self-awareness
- give you much needed clarity
- spark your enthusiasm in terms of doing the best for yourself
- provide substantial support in finding a job that can make you equally happy and successful.