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Andy Murray is engaged!

Posted 3/12/2014

Finally, can you say finally?? – Andy Murray has popped the question to his girlfriend of eight years, Kim Sears. Of course, they are both still very young and there’s no need to rush things, which certainly suits the Taurus-born Scottish lad: Taurus often feels the need to be very secure and rock solid before they decide to commit for good. However, the arrangement of many air and fire planets in his natal chart, next to equipping him with excellent sport talent, will not allow too much inflexibility, something to which the sign of Taurus is often prone. And hey, his now fiancée is a spontaneous, idealistic Sage with lots of fiery, dynamic energy in her chart. You can bet that this means a lot of challenging stuff to deal with for the Wimbledon champion! At first glance, they aren’t really the ideal match, but Andy is very much drawn to Kim as his Moon sits in Sagittarius, Kim’s sun sign, making him inclined to go for the independent, adventurous type of girl. Also, Kim’s Venus in earthy, conservative Capricorn indicates she likes a well-mannered, down to earth style, and Andy can certainly deliver that especially with reserved and well-adapted Virgo being his rising sign.

Undoubtedly, their relationship chart shows that Kim and Andy have a very loving and supportive connection, and showing their affection for each other is a desire very much at the heart of their relationship. Together they are actually quite a modest couple, with a passion for putting things in order and possibly enjoying the simple, quiet, rather unpretentious life. You can bet the two of them are brilliant at dealing with everyday matters easily, as well as joining forces and serving a noble cause. Vibrant energy – though likely to be rather tamed and controlled most of the time - is thrown in there as well. As for the emotional quality, Andy and Kim value fairness and compromise, and there’s a desire to please each other. Over the next couple of months until summer, stern Saturn indicates that trying times could be ahead for the cute pair, and that may just be the final test before actually tying the knot!