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Mirjam Schneider,
certified astrologer based in London, GB
DAV Stamp Certified AstrologerDAV Stamp Certified AstrologerSun Sign Aries,
Ascendant Virgo

A B O U T  M E ...
Mirjam became fascinated with astrology at the age of 16, when she discovered that daily horoscopes in magazines were in fact not everything there was to know about it. This sort of opened a door for her, and she has since continued to study astrology with great passion. Starting out as a pure autodidact, she later trained in psychological astrology and in 2010 obtained the certificate of the DAV (Association of German Astrologerswhere she's also a counsellor: After writing texts for various celeb horoscopes, she began writing monthly horoscopes for the popular German women's mag JOLIE in 2011, followed by weekly horoscopes for LAURA in 2012. Since 2007, her profound, entertaining articles about international celebrities appear regularly in the astrology magazine MERIDIAN. She's also had analyses published in both the British Astrological Journal and The Mountain Astrologer in the USA. In April 2014 she started with celeb profiles for British online mag FemaleFirst. Besides concentrating on her writing, Mirjam offers personal counselling (esp. focusing on relationships and career). She's an active researcher aiming to find new clues and tools to delve deeper into chart analysis and to better understand specific constellations. Occasionally she lectures at the annual convention of the German Astrologers' Association and has been a speaker at the Astrological Lodge of London on two occasions.

How do I help you?
I will support you to the best of my ability, through giving you my best possible individual advice and helping you gain a clearer picture of your situation, thus enabling you to take your own decisions. Your personal Information is of course confidential and will not be published anywhere without your consent.

 My services include:
- personal astrological consultations (also Skype)
- written readings re. questions about career, relationships, family...
- full character profiles, yearly forecasts etc.
- short readings for the guests at events and parties (private and public/ companies/hotels etc.)


Fees are subject to your specific needs. An in-depth consultation is 90 minutes minimum. Short sessions are available on request. All sessions in person or via Skype/ phone/ whatsapp.



Mirjam Schneider
tel. +44 (0)7581841660

South London


you can also send me your enquiry via the form below:

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L I F E  C O A C H I N G
with Psychological/ Spiritual Astrology
honest  -  empathetic  -  intuitive  - 
practical guidance


About me and what to expect from a session!

In a professional world where most people are under constant pressure to adapt, I find that one of the many benefits of being an astrologer is that you never need to feel guilty about being your own authentic self complete with all your quirks! All of my colleagues have their individual style to suit each and every type of client, and my approach is to be as flexible as possible to accommodate all (busy) lifestlyes. I'm completely mobile and can basically meet you wherever it suits you, so don't hesitate to ask me for a late evening appointment after work in a pub, out on a bench in a green space, or a quiet café (Of course, it can be at your home, too!)

What can you expect doing a session with me? Be it on Skype or in person, I like to keep it really relaxed and formalism to a minimum. My analysis is tailor-made for you and I will be giving you as much information as is visible to me by translating the cosmic language. You should get the most out of your session, but at the same time I'll never urge you to discuss any subject that you are not comfortable with. You may come to me with any queries about your life - choices, relationships, jobs etc. My analysis is never fatalistic, instead it's about determining your potentials and preparing you for life phases where, according to your own inner clock, certain issues and challenges are to be tackled. My task is to shed light on the nature and meaning of such a process, thus guiding you and giving you some practical advice.

One of my main goals in any counselling session will be to awaken your hunger for being your true self, and to spark your enthusiasm with regards to taking charge of your life (that's what we all need to do!) based on an understanding of your unique tasks and challenges as outlined in your natal chart. In my view, everything we face in life is an opportunity to follow our individual soul’s plan and grow as a person!