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Mirjam Schneider
certified astrologer & author based in South London, UK

Certified Astrologer DAVCertified Astrologer DAVSun Sign: Aries
Moon sign: Pisces
Rising sign: Virgo

A B O U T  M E ...
Mirjam became fascinated with astrology at the age of 16, when through personal experience she discovered that daily horoscopes in magazines were in fact not everything there was to know about it. She has since studied astrology with great passion. Starting out as a pure autodidact, she later trained in psychological astrology and in 2010 obtained the certificate of the DAV (Association of German Astrologers).
After writing texts for various celeb horoscopes, she began writing monthly horoscopes for the popular German women's mag JOLIE in 2011, followed by weekly horoscopes for LAURA in 2012. Since 2007, her profound, entertaining articles about international celebrities appear regularly in German astrology magazine MERIDIAN. She's had analyses published in both the British Astrological Journal and The Mountain Astrologer in the USA. In April 2014 she started with celebrity profiles for British online mag FemaleFirst and is a writer for the UK Daily Express since 2018.
Mirjam has been counselling for many years (esp. focusing on relationships and career) and is also an active researcher aiming to find new clues and tools to delve deeper into chart analysis and better understand specific constellations. Occasionally she lectures at conventions of the German Astrologers' Association, and has been a speaker at the Astrological Lodge of London twice.

My services include:
- one on one readings (also on Skype, whatsapp)
- character profiles, forecasts, compatibility readings, etc.
- short readings at private and corporate events/ parties

Fees are subject to your specific needs but will be around £150 for an in-depth consultation of 90 - 120 mins (includes my preparation & follow-up). Short sessions are always available on request.


Have you tried different approaches to tackle a situation, be it in a relationship, your career, or any personal issue? Have you given it your all, but other people’s advice hasn’t really worked for you? Do you feel stuck, longing to be able to do things successfully in your own way? Would you like to invest your time into what makes you truly happy and fuels your passion, build your confidence and take charge of your life? Then an astrological counselling could be the perfect shortcut to knowing yourself, doing it your way and finding your vocation and true happiness.

How so? A natal chart reading helps you to define what you need to focus on by revealing your individual personality and your deepest needs, leading you towards better understanding of your own nature and potentials. It can point towards tailor-made solutions to any challenging situation, e.g. if you are at a crossroads or going through big changes and upheaval in life.

In order to make progress in your personal life and career, I can help you to remove inner blockages through...

- discovering yourself on a deep level - life tasks, talents, goals, dreams, desires, love and relationships

- getting clarity about what is really going on and why in any personal situation/ relationship/ struggle

- getting motivated and learning unique ways to pursue your goals that will work just perfectly for you

- preparing you for crucial life phases by looking at the individual timing for your soul’s plan to unfold